Suzanne McCafferty and the talented staff of McCafferty & Co. Productions have been an industry leader for over 20 years producing a wide range of publicity and promotional materials.

Ranging from behind the scenes coverage on sets, conducting in-depth and on-the-fly interviews, to planning and creating original concepts for coverage. The end result… having the material to produce a wide variety of content, short and long formats to cover all marketing/publicity needs.

McCafferty & Co. has earned a reputation for high quality and cost-efficiency. We pride ourselves in being creative in both production and post; are professional, and unobtrusive on set, yet always manage to get the footage needed. We understand at all times audio is as important as the image!


Founder of McCafferty & Co. Productions (Suzanne McCafferty has been writing, producing, and directing television, documentaries, entertainment programming, and marketing materials for over twenty years with clients that include Twentieth Century Fox, Dream Works, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Blue Sky Studios, Focus Features, Sony, Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Relativity Media, and Lionsgate, as well as numerous independent film producers and distributors.

Beginning her career in distribution for MGM/UA, she moved on to become a producer for Universal Television. Then; as the director of Licensing and Merchandising at 20th Century Fox, Suzanne played a key role in establishing the studio as one of the most successful marketers of movies and television properties and product lines in the world today. One of her licensing innovations is the “spin-off product” industry, now a multi-billion dollar business in Hollywood.

Also a DGA Director, Suzanne is a personable and skillful producer and interviewer, having directed publicity materials and literally thousands of behind-the-scenes shoots on films such as:

Hector and the Search for Happiness, Twelve Years a Slave, Belle, Black Swan, Epic, The Descendents, Out of the Furnace, Wall Street; Money Never Sleeps, Flight, Cyrus, Simpson’s the Movie, The Book of Life, Date Night, Ice Age 1, 2, & 3, The Visitor, And going back into the depths of her credits: Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2, About Schmidt, The Mexican, Father of the Bride, Mulan, Leaving Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Big, Wall Street, Good Morning Vietnam, The Little Mermaid, and hundreds of others. In addition, Suzanne has extensive television special credits and is also the winner of the Women in Film Lillian Gish Award for her directorial work on Tracey Ullman: Backstage.

Suzanne has produced hundreds of press junkets over the past two decades, managing crews, equipment, lighting, set design, press, and talent.

Co-founder of Media Therapy, Suzanne’s vast experience interviewing and directing talent, and knowing the studios’ marketing needs as well as what the press expects, make Suzanne a collaborative and exceptional media coach.